Our 2017 theme was MOSAIC and featured keynote speaker Jason Moore (Binghamton University, author of Capitalism in the Web of Life: Ecology and the Accumulation of Capital) and a workshop conducted by Margaret Rhee (University of Oregon, author of Yellow, editor of Mixed Blood and Glitter Tongue).

Day 1


8:30am: Registration and Welcome with Breakfast

9:00am: Official Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:15am-10:30am: Community Movements

“‘They don’t come for a social justice narrative, but it is so important’: Drag Queens of Central Kansas Promoting Social Justice as Civil Leaders”
     Jakki Forester | Communication (@JakkiForester)
     Kansas State University

“Negotiating the Self: An Ethnography of the Casino”
     Nichali Xhelili Ciaccio | Sustainable Peacebuilding
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Creating a Digital Media Mosaic with User-Generated Content”
     Aiste Manfredini (@AisteManfredini)
     Briee Eikenberry (@vivalabrieee)
     Jessica Pettengill
     Sarah Janssen (@scjans)
    Center for Emerging Media, Design & Development at Ball State University

Faculty Chair and Respondent: TBA

10:45am-12:00pm: Documents and Documentary

“Rhetorical Figures, Aesthetic Forces: ‘Chart Brut’ and the Aesthetics of Internet Conspiracy”
     John Roberts | Communication (@JWilliamRoberts)
    Georgia State University

“Animal Embodiment: Human and Nonhuman Mosaic Identities”
     Joni Hayward | English
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“On the (Cutting) Edge: Postfeminism, Neoliberalism, and the Glass Ceiling in the Political Media Discourse of Hillary Clinton”
     Jessica Johnston | English (@jejohnston_)
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Faculty Chair and Respondent: Dr. Tami WIlliams | English and Film Studies

12:00pm-12:15pm: Break to Grab Lunch in Curtin Hall 181

12:15pm-1:30pm: Brown Bag Lunch with Jason W. Moore
     Reading: "The Capitalocene Part II"

1:45pm-3:00pm: Lightning Round

“The Unbeatable Monster and the Horror of Professional Wrestling”
     Tim BavInka | English (@TimBavInka)
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Are the spiders in your house smarter than you think?”
     Maria Poujai | Biological Sciences (@mpoujai)
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Singularity and Collectivity in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s ‘Nature’”
     Andrew Urban | English
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Nanoscale Quiltwork: Materials Engineering & Dimensional Mosaics”
     Reed Heintzkill | Materials Science & Engineering
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Sophistic Rhetoric, Composition Pedagogy & the Mosaic of Multivocality”
     Evan Bretzman | English
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Building an Interdisciplinary Mosaic: Kohler Fellows @ WID”
     Madeleine Pape | Sociology (@Madeleine_Pape)
     Josh Pultorak | Kohler Fellows
    University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Out from the Gothic Shadows: Mother Ireland in Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop
     Sarah Beth Kiliman | English (@SBKilimanjaro)
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

3:00-3:30pm: Break and Artist Walk

     Alessandra Simmons | English
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Bee-eater: An Erasure”
     Jenni Moody | English (@moodyjenni)
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“MUSIAC (Multi-User Shared Accessible Interconnected Community)”
     Geoffrey Gimse | English (@textandhubris)
     Kristopher Purzycki | English (@krispurzycki)
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

3:30pm-5:00pm: Keynote Address

“Expulsions, Inclusions, and the Double Valence of Violent Abstraction: How Modernity Works Through Nature to Accumulate Capital and Destroy Lives”
     Jason W. Moore | Sociology and the Fernand Brauel Center
     Binghamton University




Kenilworth Square East
1925 East Kenilworth Place
Milwaukee, WI 53202

7:00pm: Dinner Served and Cash Bar Opens

7:30: Program Begins

"St. Barbara and the Boys"
     Jack Austin

"Bee-Eater Sequence"
"Radio Carbon Dating"
     Jenni Moody | English (@moodyjenni)
     University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Dear Bear,"
     Ae Hee Lee | English
     University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"A Letter to My Lost Loves"
"A Litany"
     Nicole Santos (@MidnightMuse414)
     Marquette University/University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Collections of Voyeurism"
     Nathan Fredrick La Force (@vegalpress)
     Vegetarian Alcoholic Press

"Poetics and Place"
     Sheila Arndt (@ACokeWithYou)
     Marquette University

"Silver Planet"
     Chris Hunt (@Chris_hunt0)
     Independent Filmmaker

     Franklin K.R. Cline | English
     University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Featuring Work By:

Sky Hopinka | Filmmaker
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Margaret Rhee | New Media Artist
University of Oregon

10:00pm: Program Ends


Day 2


8:30am: Breakfast

9:00am-10:15am: Global Environments

“Peak Appropriation and Peak Aesthetics: The Exhaustion of Petroleum Aesthetics in Two Nigerian Oil Novels”
     Michael Paye | English
    UCD (Ireland) and Princeton University

“McLuhan’s Mosaic: Westworld and the Global Village”
     Jessica Sellin-Blanc | English
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“The Aesthetics of Hegemonic Crisis in Cixin Liu’s Three Body Problem Trilogy”
     Chris Carpenter | English

Faculty Chair and Respondent: Dr. Peter Paik | Comparative Literature

10:15am-10:30am: Break

10:30am-11:45pm: Sensational Aesthetics

“Assembling the End: Toward Annihilation Theory”
     Cameron Kunzelman, Moving Image Studies
    Georgia State University

“Lifting the Purple Haze: A Reading of Zoran Zivkovic’s 12 Collections and The Teashop
     Rachel Tindall, English
    Ball State University

“Potential Selves and the Challenge of Close Listening for English Studies: Poetry Performance in the Digital Humanities”
     Daymon Kiliman, English (@dkiliman)
    University of Illinois-Springfield

“Aesthetics and Affects of Synesthetic Cinema”
     Alex Fine, Cultural Studies (@akfine)
    University of California-Davis

Faculty Chair and Respondent: Dr. Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece | English and Film Studies

11:45am-1:00pm: Lunch, Curtin Hall 181

1:00pm-3:00pm: Keynote Workshop

“Kaleidoscope Thinking: On Graduate Reflection, Body, and Writing”
     Margaret Rhee, Women’s and Gender Studies
     University of Oregon

3:15pm-4:30pm: Intimacies

“‘Making Do’ in the Space of Flows: Tangerine and Non-Places/Queer Spaces”
     Natalie Goodman, English
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Moonlight, the erotic touch of liquidity”
     Daren Fowler, Moving Image Studies (@drfowler8)
    Georgia State University

“‘Back in Real Time’: Intimate and Marginal Frames in Linklater’s Before Sunrise Trilogy”
     Sean Nolan, English
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Hermaphrodites, Grave Robbing, and Tape Worms: Frankenstein and Erasmus Darwin Revisited"
     Thad Furman, English
     University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Faculty Chair and Respondent: Carl Bogner | Peck School of the Arts

4:30pm: Closing Remarks