Thursday, February 14th

MIGC Opening Reception

7:00pm-9:00pm @ Black Husky Brewing (909 E. Locust St.)

Light refreshments and drinks provided.


Friday, February 15th

Registration and Welcome Breakfast

8:30am, Curtin Hall 175 (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus, 3243 N. Downer Ave.)

Panel 1: The Artifice of Inclusion: Nostalgic Masculinity in Modern Media

9:00am – 10:30am, Curtin Hall 175

“Locked and Loaded: Masculine Performativity in Robert Yang’s The Tearoom

David Kocik | Media Studies | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Exhibiting Aggrieved Masculinity: White Men on Television During the Obama Presidency”

Paul Doro | English | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“The Best or Nothing: Automobility and the Self-Made Man in Mad Men

Molly McCourt (@Molly_McCourt) | Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“'The Future is Built': Resurrecting Traditional Labor and Gender Values in a Post-Fordist Economy"

Stephanie Menders | Media Studies | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Faculty Respondent: Elana Levine | Dept. of Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies

Panel 2: Performative Subjectivities

10:45am – 12:00pm, Curtin Hall 175

“‘It’s always ‘dark-girl hour’ on my channel’: An Analysis of YouTuber Jackie Aina and the Redefinition of Black Beauty Standards in Digital Spaces”

Melissa Monier | Media Studies | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

 “Burn Down the Disco: Reactionary Nihilism and Online Subjectivity in the Post-Truth Era”

Nash Jenkins (@pnashjenkins) | English Language & Literature | University of Chicago

“Who’s That Woman?: Follies and the Queer Self”

Jessie Roy (@jessie_c_roy) | Creative Writing Fiction | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Faculty Respondent: Christine Evans | Dept. of History

Grab Lunch

12:00pm, Curtin Hall 181

Friday’s lunch has been generously donated by Beans & Barley.

BROWN BAG LUNCH with Dr. Rachel E. Dubrofsky

12:15pm – 1:30pm, Curtin Hall 939

Reading: “Monstrous Authenticity: Trump’s Whiteness”

Afternoon Concurrent Panels

1:45pm – 3:15pm

Panel 3: Duplicity & Agency in Higher Education

Curtin Hall 175

“'Gotcha' Scholarship: Pranksters, Whistleblowers, and Artifice Exposing the Academy”

Bradley Wiles | Information Studies | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“The Effects of Stigma on College Student Sex Workers”

Heather Tillewein | Public Health | Southern Illinois University

“’WE’RE HERE TO STAY’: How the DREAMers Negotiate an American Identity”

Kelly Nelson (@kellyknel) | Communication Arts | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Faculty Respondent: Pam Treisman | Dept. of Nursing

Panel 4: Technological Interruptions of History

Curtin Hall 368

“At the River’s Edge: Performance, Affect, and Black Transfemme World Building in Atlantic is a Sea of Bones

Jacob Carter (@carter_jacob) | Media, Cinema & Digital Studies | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“The Treachery of Visual Culture: Mass Media Circulation and its Discursive Effects”

Shelby James | English Literature | University of Chicago

“The ‘Dissolving Panopticon’: Surveillance Culture and ‘Liquid Modernity’ in ‘Spider-Man’ Media”

David Stanley (@Davidraystanley) | Media, Cinema, & Digital Studies | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Have You Ever Seen a (Straight) Ghost?: Erotohistoriography, Technology, and the Queer Potential of Paranormal Investigations”

Conor Scruton (@conorscruton) | Literature & Cultural Theory | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Graduate Student Respondent: Molly Ubbesen | Dept. of English


3:30pm – 5:00pm, Curtin Hall 175

“Monsters, Selfies, and Auschwitz: Gendering and Racializing Authenticity”

Dr. Rachel E. Dubrofsky | Dept. of Communication | University of South Florida


Dinner Served and Cash Bar Opens

6:30pm, 3rd Floor of Kenilworth Square East Gallery (1925 E. Kenilworth Pl.)

Interactive Artist Installation

6:30pm – 7:15pm

“Rohingya Habitus in Milwaukee: Another Refugee Community in Search of Home” (art installation)

Mania Taher | Architecture & Urban Planning | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

My Last Film About Oklahoma (3-min experimental film)

Jacob Harrison Jones | Intermedia | University of Iowa

“Artificial Intelligence, Government, and Society” (poster)

Kathy Tian | Advertising, Marketing, & Data Science | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“Who Is It?: A Narrative Exploration of Culture and Identity through Interactive Installation” (interactive installation)

Lauren Mascari | Counseling Psychology | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Program Begins

7:15pm – 9:30pm

Moderator: Caitlin Marie Driver | Dept. of Art & Design | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Painting with Light (14-min film)

Eli Boonin-Vail and Kai Swanson | Film & Video Production and Film Studies | University of Iowa

“The Panoptics of Dollar General in Our City" (poetry)

Rhianna Thomas | Curriculum & Instruction | University of Missouri

"Streaks of White and Color" (short fiction)

RS Deeren (@RSDeeren) | Creative Writing Fiction | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“on the lip of my lung” (embodied performance)

Jenni Reinke & Katelyn Altmann | Dance | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Music: “grasshopper tactics” by Patrick Shiroishi, edited and enhanced by Jenni Reinke

1991 (12-min film)

Saif Alsaegh | Film | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“A Rusted Sunset”: Four Poems (poetry)

Taylor Hamann | Library & Information Sciences | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Paradise" (multimedia reading)

Mae Rice (@mae_rice) | Creative Nonfiction | University of Minnesota

“Red Dead Redemptions” (spoken word)

Franklin K. R. Cline | Poetry | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

TAMU (The Guests) (15-min film)

Azalia Muchransyah (@MELmuchransyah) | Media Study | University of Buffalo-SUNY


Saturday, February 16th


8:30am, Curtin Hall 175

Panel 5: Hidden Narratives

9:00am – 10:30am, Curtin Hall 175

“Being a Good Victim: The Effects of Heteronormative Ideology on The New York Times' ‘Portraits of Grief’”

Nicholas Langenberg | English Literature | Grand Valley State University

“Subversively Performing Femininity in Bram Stoker's Dracula"

Sarah Stanley | English | University of Nevada-Las Vegas

“Constructing the Showrunner-Auteur: TV Oral Histories in the Popular Press”

Megan Connor (@tvevanglist) | Media Studies | Indiana University

“Power and Parody: Reinforcing the NFL in The Old Spice Foam Zone”

Taylor Katz | Communication & Rhetoric | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Graduate Student Respondent: Bob Bruss | Dept. of English

Morning Concurrent Panels

10:45am – 12:00pm

Lightning Round

Curtin Hall 175

“Synchronizing allyship in affiliative networks: Considering the role of storytelling and listening in social media curated by the Chicago Teachers Union”

Jeff Tischauser | Journalism & Mass Communication | University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Han Dynasty Mirrors Mythical Abilities”

Gabrielle Berman | Art History | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“In your words: Artifice or authenticity in the voice of multilingual students?”

Jennifer Edwards (@JEdwardsMU) | Educational Leadership | Miami University

“‘Crossroads of the World’: Panama from 1821 to 1905”

Georgia Brown | History & Library Science | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 

“Realist Artificiality in Michel Gondry's movie La Science des Rêves

Sarah Agou | Romance Languages & Literature | Miami University

“Rebellious Textures: Self-assembly and the artifice of naturalism in the microscale”

Reed Heintzkill | Materials Science & Engineering | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Blood and Protest: The Political Actions of Regina José Galindo and Vernon Bellecourt”

Robert Little Jackson | Art History & Native American Protest Art | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Kill or Be Killed: Artificial Intelligence, Horror, & Post-Human Anthropology”

Tarryl Janik (@tarryljanik) | Cultural Anthropology | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Cyborg Relevancy within the Obsolete Body”

Katrina Russell | Art History | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Faculty Respondent: Lia Wolock | Dept. of Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies

Panel 6: Reimagined Facades

Curtin Hall 368

“Muslim Architecture and Imperial Architects: The Third Space in Virginia Woolf's The Waves

Ibtisam Abujad | English Literary & Cultural Studies | Marquette University

“Face. Off. Faceoff: Mapping African Representations in Western Art Museums”

Samantha Maloney | Art History | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Photographing Vacancy: Rethinking Narratives of Place”

Esmé Barniskis | American Studies | Purdue University

“Economic Imposition, Spatial Navigation and African Revolution in an Atlantic World Context”

Robert Penner | History | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Respondent: Chelsea Wait | Peck School of Arts

Grab Lunch

12:00pm, Curtin Hall 181

Saturday’s lunch has been provided by Beans & Barley.

Roundtable Luncheon

12:15pm – 1:00pm, Curtin Hall 368

“Artifice and Expertise: What Place for Public Engagement in the Academy? A Roundtable presented by The Kohler Fellows at the University of Wisconsin-Madison”

Chen Sun | Second Language Acquisition

Ben Power | Political Science

Kathryn Mara | African Cultural Studies


1:30pm – 3:00pm, UWM Library - Digital Humanities Lab

“Interdisciplinary Radical Pedagogies”

Professor Lane Hall | English | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

w/ Jessica Johnston (MIGC Chair) and Joni Hayward (MIGC Vice-Chair)

Afternoon Concurrent Events

3:15pm – 4:30pm

Panel 7: Trauma & Grief: Uncut

Curtin Hall 175

“Bracketing the Pain: Trauma, ADHD and Co-presence”

Esther Isha West Reiser | Comparative Theology | Emmanuel College-University of Toronto

“‘The Latest in Blood and Guts’: Reckoning with Onscreen Projections of Christine Chubbuck”

Jordan Adler (@jordanzadler) | Media, Cinema, & Digital Studies | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“A Sexual Assault Art Installation that Speaks, but Does Not Silence”

Emily Alina Rafalik | English | Purdue University

“Looking Beyond the War: The Restricted Point of View in In the Valley of Elah (2007)”

Ghiyong Moon | Film & Media Studies | University of Kansas

Faculty Respondent: Jocelyn Szczpaniak-Gillece | Dept. of English

Panel 8: Resisting the Artifice of Hegemony

Curtin Hall 368

“The Painted Folktale: John Dunkley’s Formation of a New Narrative in Colonial Jamaica”

Rebecca Lawder | Art History | University of Missouri Kansas City

“The Aesthetic Curriculum of Noise Music: Exploring the Artificial in Underground Music Epistemologies”

Peter J. Woods | Digital Media | University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Activists Get Arrested, Queer Terrorists Go Free: Illegible Acts and Ephemeral Convenings in Stephen Winter’s Chocolate Babies

Elizabeth Hoover | English Creative Writing | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Faculty Respondent: Andrew Kincaid | Dept. of English

Closing Remarks

4:30pm, Curtin Hall 175

MIGC Closing Reception

8:00pm – 10:00pm @ Merge (1932 E. Kenilworth Pl.)

Light refreshments and drinks provided.

MIGC is generously supported by The Center for 21st Century Studies, The Graduate School, The Office of Research, The College of Letters and Sciences, The Year of the Humanities at UWM, The Office of the Provost, The Division of Student Affairs, and The Department of English.